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NineDot Energy


Marine Engineer


  • Site Analysis
  • Climate Risk Analysis
  • Resiliency
  • Flood Prevention Concept Design
  • Cost Estimating

About the Project

Indigo River was contracted by NineDot energy to provide design advisement services for optimal flood proofing, flood mitigation, and general resilience on a when and where basis for various sites throughout New York City, Long Island, and Westchester. The scope of work involves developing a detailed site analysis identifying the climate risks associated with each site and determining appropriate design strategies that could be implemented to protect the battery storage infrastructure from flood from hurricanes and other storm events. Beyond the overall challenge of adapting the sites to future climate vents and storms, the planning must also successfully address multiple competing stakeholder priorities, complex regulatory and agency oversight, varying construction horizons, and challenging site conditions. 

In additional to determining the feasibility of each strategy, Indigo River prepared an analysis of the pro and cons of each individual strategy, along with a detailed rough order of magnitude estimates detailing construction costs for NineDot to factor into their Cost/Benefit and Go/No-Go due diligence processes. 

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