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Eagle Bay


Visual Impact Assessment


  • Visual Impact Assessment
  • Photo Simulation Production
  • Image Rendering
  • Documentation, Verification, and Evaluation

About the Project

Indigo River was hired by the owner of the Stony Point Development to prepare visual simulations of the proposed project, which were requested by the US Army Corp to assess the impacts of the proposed project on views and scenic quality form a nearby historic battlefield. 

This Visual Impact Assessment presented the proposed Stony Point project and surrounding landscape to show how the project and landscape will look in the future. This was achieved by montaging geo-located photo-realistic renderings of the project into photographs taken from specific views chosen by the jurisdictional agencies. Renderings included sun position and daylighting model, which was matched to the date of time of the photograph, to ensure lighting conditions and shadows were consistent. The renderings also depicted numerous scenarios of planting and building heights, and how the foliage would grow until maturity. 

The photo simulations developed for this Visual Impact Assessment (VIA) utilized McNeel Rhinoceros 3D, specialized computer 3d modeling and rendering software, to model the proposed development. Realistic materials were added to the model, and the model was anchored to the actual latitude and longitude of the site so that the internal rendering engine could compute the proper altitude and azimuth of the sun. Image metadata from the photos of the selected views was used to locate the virtual camera at the correct location and elevation within the 3D model, as well as set the lens length and match other camera properties. 

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