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Visual Quality


  • Design
  • Rendering
  • Architectural Specifications
  • Visual Quality Assurance

About the Project

As part of a design-build team comprised of Indigo River, Langan, and D’Onofrio General Contractors, Indigo River was in charge of visual quality assurance and developed uniform architectural criteria and standards to be applied to the entire project. Indigo River produced a visual quality plan, which was presented to the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority (TBTA). The plan documented the existing conditions of the fender racks for both bridges and specified sustainable colors and sustainable materials suitable for waterfront environments for the proposed design, as well as incorporating marine marking in compliance with applicable codes and regulations. 

Indigo River developed digital 3D models of Langan’s proposed fender rack designs for both Crossbay Bridge and Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge in Rhino 3D Modeling software and created photo-realistic renderings to illustrate what the design will look like when constructed.
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