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Dattner Architects


Waterfront Consultant / Marine Engieer


  • Marine Engineering
  • Waterfront Design
  • Estimating
  • Bathymetric Survey
  • Wave/Wake/Current Analysis

About the Project

Indigo River was a key member of the multi-faceted architecture team that was awarded the contract to develop a concept design for the redevelopment of the Maritime Park site formerly known as Union Dry Dock in Hoboken, NJ, now Maritime Park. Dattner Architects was the lead consultant, with SCAPE, Kimley Horn, and Indigo River as core subconsultants. 

Indigo River’s role was to advise as a waterfront construction and design specialist, and to produce sketches for final waterfront and in-water structures and developments. IR led collaboration for and conducted review of design concepts throughout the project, focusing on structural feasibility, sustainability and resilience, constructability, permit compliance, and visual appeal. IR coordinated a bathymetric survey; and conducted wave, wake, and current analysis to consider erosion, wave attenuation, and overtopping at the shoreline; and produced preliminary sketches for plans and sections of various waterfront elements. Building upon the sketches, IR then identified construction materials, mitigation for sea level rise, and habitat creation at each design section. 

Indigo River and the design team also engaged with the City of Hoboken’s mayor, councilmembers, planning board, community groups, and residents to identify key elements to be included in the redeveloped park so that it would best benefit the community. IR attended open house nights to converse with the public and listen to their input, educate them on the design and development process, and manage their expectations for a final design. 

Indigo River also compiled applicable regulatory permits for construction at the site and included the implicated limitations for each, so to ensure that the design remained within regulatory and constructability boundaries. Finally, IR prepared an engineer’s estimate for the waterfront and in-water construction elements that were included in the final concept design, which was shared with the City to ensure the project could be properly funded. 

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