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  • Marine Engineering

About the Project

Indigo River, as a subconsultant to TMS Waterfront, provided marine engineering services including analysis and design for the rehabilitation of the Harborside wharf system located in Jersey City, New Jersey. This wharf system, stretching approximately 700 LF of shoreline, consists of multiple construction types dating back to the 1920’s including timber piles, concrete substructure, and soil retention systems. The current state of the structure demands inspection, analysis, and design to extend the service life of the structure and protect the integrity of the upland building that partially rests upon the wharf. 

Once inspection and data collection were performed by TMS Waterfront, Indigo River performed analysis and engineering support to determine the necessary repairs for the planned 5-year rehabilitation of the wharf. The data was verified with a review of the historic drawings available. The existing data, historic drawings, and proposed 5-year rehabilitation plan was integrated to determine the necessary repair schedule for the existing structural elements. Using engineering software, Indigo River modeled the structure to determine the load path and the most crucial elements in need of repair to maintain overall structural stability. These priority repairs were located, along with the remaining minor repairs, and designed to produce the most effective approach to rehabilitation with respect to cost, constructability, and regulatory constraints. 

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