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Waterfront Consulting


  • Cost Estimating
  • Constructability Review
  • Regulatory Expediting

About the Project

Indigo River provided constructability review, cost estimating, project management, and scheduling services to Langan for the Harlem River Greenway Project, which revitalized the Manhattan shoreline of the Harlem River from 125th Street in East Harlem to Swindler’s Cove (Dyckman Street) in Inwood. 

Indigo River was responsible for reviewing Langan’s proposed repair options, developing SWOT analyses and cost estimates for each. Indigo River reviewed the existing conditions and previous inspection reports of each sub-project site to develop detailed quantity take- offs for both the demolition and construction phases. 

Indigo River also lead the effort to secure all jurisdictional permits required for the project. This included NYSDEC, USACE, NYSDOS, and NYCDSBS. As part of the SWOT analysis, Indigo River evaluated each repair option’s ability to be permitted, ensuring that the final design was approved expeditiously, while still meeting the goals of the project. 
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