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  • Waterfront Permits
  • Site Investigations
  • Construction Logistics
  • Water Transport

About the Project

Indigo River, as subconsultant to LiRo, performed construction logistic studies and site investigations and prepare waterfront permit applications for the emergency demolition of eight buildings at Hart Island on behalf of the NYC Department of Design and Construction. 

In 2019, the New York City Council passed Local Law 2019/210 – transferring jurisdiction of Hart Island from New York City Department of Corrections (DOC) to the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation (Parks). The New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) and the New York City Department of Design and Construction (DDC) have assessed the condition of existing buildings on Hart Island and determined that the current condition poses a hazard requiring demolition as quickly as is feasible. DOB subsequently issued an emergency order, and the City sought approval for an emergency declaration that was granted on July 14, 2021. 

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