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Marine/Waterfront Engineering, Planning, Architecture, and Expertise and Code Development


  • Marine Engineering
  • Marine and Waterfront Planning

About the Project

Under the direction of the New York City Department of Buildings (NYCDOB), AECOM contracted Indigo River to provide waterfront expertise as a subject matter expert (SME) in the development of the first New York City Waterfront Code. This code will include requirements for the design, planning, construction and maintenance of waterfront, floating, and in-water structures such as piers, docks, and bulkheads and will serve as the primary design reference for waterfront designers in New York City. As waterfront engineers, architects, and planners with experience in all facets of waterfront design and construction, Indigo River has served as a crucial member of the team by leading the drafting and development for several chapters of the code. Indigo River has spearheaded the development of new provisions regarding floating structures, helped defined waterfront occupancies and corresponding fire protection measures, and lent their expertise in developing the typologies that should be impacted by a new code. Indigo River has also participated in committee review meetings, to assist AECOM in presenting the new code to peers and experts in the industry. With the involvement in developing the new waterfront code for New York City, Indigo River has tremendous insight and understanding of the expected new regulations and requirements for future waterfront development. 

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