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  • Scope Review
  • Construction Inspection

About the Project

Indigo River provided underwater and topside inspection services to TMS Waterfront and LiRo Engineers, Inc. (LiRo) during the completion of restoration and reconstruction performed by Phoenix Marine at Pier 42 in Manhattan. The project was a New York City Economic Development Corporation (EDC) contract under which LiRo was the Construction Manager and Phoenix Marine was the contractor. The scope of the construction included the repointing of 620 linear feet of granite block seawall, and the installation of a new 40 linear foot cast-in-place concrete seawall. Indigo River’s scope was to inspect the final product of the contractor and advise LiRo on final closeout and payment. 

Indigo River performed three (3) night inspections at low tide at different stages of completion. Prior to each inspection, the contractor advised what section of the work they deemed complete and Indigo River reviewed the contract documents and prepared a schedule of repairs to inspect. Indigo River performed its visual inspections of the repointing locations from a timber float stage that was pulled under Pier 42 and along the seawall. Various locations were tested for strength by using a wire brush and trowels to ensure the grout was not chipped. Any omitted or insufficient repairs were marked on the drawings and on the seawall for further attention at a subsequent inspection by Indigo River. 

Indigo River also performed rebar and concrete inspections on the new cast-in-place concrete seawall. Indigo River employed a diver equipped with underwater video, camera, and communications to inspect rebar that was installed and tied underwater. Indigo River personnel observed the live underwater video to verify field conditions met the contract drawings and instructed the diver for measurements, pictures, and other inspections during the dive. On a later inspection, Indigo River inspected the concrete for chipping, bug holes, adhesion to the adjacent sections of seawall, damage, missing sections, and honeycombing. After the completion of three site visits, Indigo River issued a final field report deeming all contracted work to be completed and satisfactory for LiRo to use in their final payment and contract closeout. 

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