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Two Trees Management


Technical & Permitting Consulting


  • Engineering Design Support
  • Regulatory Permitting

About the Project

Two Trees Management Company is developing a waterfront site on the East River, located at River Street and North 1st Street in Brooklyn, into a multi-use waterfront park. This project aims to establish waterfront access and a continuous link of waterfront areas extending from Bushwick Inlet to the north to Grand Ferry Park and Domino Park to the south without hindering vessel traffic or ecological habitats in the East River waterway. The waterfront public space would be fully accessible to the public and would offer boating and other in-water experiences, educational programming, and other opportunities for enjoyment of the waterfront by the community at large. The new waterfront public space would comprise approximately 116,000 square feet of upland waterfront open space, 26,000 square feet of intertidal area, and 123,000 square feet of in- river space. 

Indigo River, under TMS Waterfront, has been supporting the project development from the initiation, coordinating hydrographic survey and other site documentation into a cohesive site map; coordinating and analyzing an initial coastal site assessment to understand site conditions, including winds, wave, vessel wakes, and water levels; and providing technical support for the regulatory approval process. In addition, Indigo River prepared a rough order of magnitude cost estimate and performed marine engineering support to advise on design, constructability, schedule, site logistics, construction budgets, and value engineering to analyze and make recommendations concerning availability of materials and labor, time requirements for installation and construction, and possible cost reductions and economies of scale.
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