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Wildflower Ltd.


Waterfront & Resiliency Consulting


  • Resiliency
  • Shoreline Design
  • Regulatory Permitting

About the Project

Indigo River provided waterfront and flood resiliency consulting services to Wildflower for its 5.25 acre site in Queens, New York. The Project consists of a 760,000 square foot Film, TV, AR/VR and Gaming content creation facility located on Luyster Creek. The Development Site is also located in a flood zone, specifically the AE Zone, which FEMA defines as an area that has a 1% chance of flooding in a given year colloquially referred to as the ‘hundred-year flood zone’ and is therefore subject to the Flood Area Regulations. 

By conducting a building vulnerability assessment to identify areas of the proposed building that may be susceptible to flood damage, Indigo River evaluated the vulnerability of both the existing site as well as the proposed assets at the building level and offered a risk assessment and economic loss estimations to improve returns and resilience. Specifically, Indigo River identified existing site vulnerabilities and examined the potential damage and loss to proposed building structures, contents, and business interruptions from flooding. Based on these findings, Indigo River developed a series of risk mitigation and adaptation recommendations for the property and the newly proposed structures to protect against flooding risks, and climate change impacts. 

Indigo River then assisted the project team’s architects and engineers to incorporate the high-level recommendations into actual designs, thereby making existing and new structures safer and more resilient. Design-level recommendations, both structural and operational, included hazard and risk mitigation recommendations – namely climate change adaptation recommendations related to sea level rise to ensure that the building’s resilient design accounts for emergency response and business continuity plans. Workshopping sessions were held with the design team from schematic design and design development through construction documentation to envision the various flood protection options presented, navigate alternatives, and ultimately select and implement viable floodproofing recommendations for the Wildflower Project to comply with applicable codes and project goals.
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